04     Co-creation session #1

An important method that we used to keep stakeholders involved during the full process was co-creation. In these co-creation sessions, we invited specific stakeholders to brainstorm at different stages in the design process. By using co-creation, we made sure that the design would fit the context of ARTIS. 

The first co-creation session was used to co-define the problem definition of the project. We got around the table together with our case-owner, employees from the service centre, the horeca department, parkmanagement, and ARTIS 2030 to explore different waste streams in ARTIS on which we could focus. In the first part of this session, many waste streams were identified. During the second part, the participants teamed up in pairs and chose one waste stream to focus on. Using a canvas as guidance, the teams sketched their ideas to reduce or recycle the waste of the chosen stream. As a result, we gained insight in the most significant waste streams in ARTIS from different perspectives. In addition, we collected some preliminary ideas for closing loops. 

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