10     Turf input session

A tally of votes was used as an easy and informal way to gain insights into the opinions of the employees about our elephant dung paper. By simply hanging three different types of paper in the cantine, the hotspot for ARTIS employees, we asked them simply what piece of paper they liked best. By hanging it in the cantine, we gained more votes from a wider range of employees than we would have gotten through a formal voting structure, eg. by email or with an organised session. This tally also created talk about our project within the wider range of employees and became a nice way for conversation starting at the coffee machine. We used this vote to converge our decision on what types of paper would tell the story of waste the best. The result was that the mixed paper between elephant dung and old t-shirts was liked the most for the appearance, but the 100% elephant dung told the story the best. 

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