12     Co-Creation session #3

An important method that we used to keep stakeholders involved during the full process, was co-creation. In these co-creation sessions, we invited specific stakeholders to brainstorm at different stages in the design process. By using co-creation, we made sure that the design would fit the context of ARTIS. 


The third co-creation session was organized after choosing paper as material to make from elephant manure. In this session, the goal was to find an application for the elephant manure paper which had an educational character. It was noticeable that the more concrete we got, the better ARTIS employees could imagine ways of implementing this new material in the park. In this co-creation session, employees from the education department came to us with new thought-through ideas. At the end of the co-creation session had a plan to create a workshop for children in which they learn how to make elephant paper.

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