Working in ARTIS lets you experience the zoo in a very different way. The people and the animals become an essential part of your day to day life. Upon arrival in ARTIS, we realized that the horizontal organizational structure meant that we had to focus on stakeholder management. It was important to learn about people’s work in ARTIS to understand this structure but also to build a personal relationship. To integrate ourselves in ARTIS, we organized “Day with the Department” activities during our research phase and took part in daily activities of different departments and employees. We made sure we were always there on uitsmijter (eggs on toast) Wednesdays with everyone during lunch. We took part in making Bokashi compost and also attended the famed ARTIS Christmas party. At the end of our living lab we also organized a night out with our case owners and other employees in ARTIS for dinner and a nice music show. All of these activities, some research and others social played a crucial role in our embeddedness in ARTIS. It helped us many times in bringing people together for co-creation sessions, communicating information about our project to the organization and getting guidance from all those who work at ARTIS. It ensured that we were not just visiting researchers but colleagues of all those who work in ARTIS.