During this living lab process, we have met with a large number of people, who all contribute to ARTIS and want to improve it in terms of circularity. Unfortunately, it is impossible to discuss all these people in detail. This is a small insight into four important actors of ARTIS Living Lab Circularity.

Abel Hemmelder is the case owner of the living lab and the link from us to the rest of the organization as well as the sustainability coordinator of the ARTIS Strategy team. 

Marieke de Hoop, owner of Papierlab Rotterdam, is a researcher into papermaking from waste materials and her expertise in this process taught us everything we needed to know about papermaking. The Papierlab owns a pulp grinder, De Hollander, which allows the creation of pulp from manure. 

Merel Bas is a member of ARTIS communications. In the latter stages of the process, she was crucial in forming the workshop in the ARTIS image. 

Caroline Verwij is the head of ARTIS Education. Her expertise and decision-making power in the educational program of ARTIS allowed us to create an effective circularity message that fits ARTIS.


Below, you can find an overview of the various stakeholders involved in our project based on their influence and interest in the project. Blue actors are employees of ARTIS, while external people are depicted in purple.

Stakeholder Analysis_large.png